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The mission of the research group on Functionalized Materials and Surfaces Performance is focused on the modelling and development of new technologies and processes for the production of materials in which micro or nano-structural spatial gradation of interfaces/interphases results on an evolution of the mechanical and/or chemical behaviour, to obtain functionalized bulk materials, surfaces or interfaces with superior mechanical, wear, fatigue and/or corrosion performance.

Regarding these points, particular focus is given to the investigation of the tribocorrosion mechanisms of the produced materials both from the mechanical and materials science point-of-view and also on R&D for new industrial solutions.

The group is strongly involved in the Master and Doctoral Programmes on Mechanical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering and, through the international links already existing, to participate in international advanced courses related to its areas of interest.

The specific scientific goals of the group are:

  • development of innovative technologies for the production of functionalized materials based on casting, powder, and/or thin film/surface modification technologies. Emphasis will be put on the exploitation of the capabilities of the techniques to produce micro-nano spatial gradations.

  • development of transition/graded joints of dissimilar materials, aimed at producing “smart” interfaces capable of fulfilling specific functions.

  • stepping forward on the knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the tribocorrosion and fatigue-corrosion of functionalized materials.

  • development of numerical model tools to predict materials properties in functionalized materials.



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