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The research group of Energetic and Environmental Thecnologies performs research activities related to the following fields:

  • waste-to-energy: study of waste derived fuels, like pellets with biomass and industrial wastes included (textiles, plastics, paper, fluffs, etc.) and energy recovery from glycerin wastes;

  • environmental protection: study of sediment erosion in coastal areas and incorporation of wastes in ceramics, like incorporation of inorganic wastes in expanded clay products;

  • recovery of salts and metals from sludges and dusts: hydrometallurgical treatment of galvanic sludges and of electric arc furnace dusts;

  • development and optimization of small scale energy systems: combustion of traditional fuels, micro-cogeneration for domestic use (including advanced heat-recovery technologies) and integrated wind-turbine and photovoltaic generators;

  • development of high efficiency spark ignition engines using over-expansion, biofuels, and waste heat regeneration. Use of high efficiency engines as range extenders for electric vehicles;

  • development of electric and hybrid vehicles and concepts. Electric and hybrid vehicle modelling under real and conventional driving cycles;

  • energy management in large and specific installations: hospitals and other complex buildings, new process integration of metakaolin advanced cement technologies to the traditional kaolin industry (energy and waste process management).



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