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Welcome to the Dynamics of Mechanical Systems Research Group in the CT2M at the School of Engineering. Our mission is to conduct cutting edge research in high level computer analytical and graphical design and simulation applied in two fields of Mechanical Engineering: Analysis and Development in Biomechanics and Safety devices Design and Development.

For long time DSM Group conducts research and development in the fields of,

(i) conceptual design and performance analysis of mechanical components;

(ii) multibody kinematics and dynamics;

(iii) design of actuators, sensors and control of mechanical systems and processes; and

(iv) dynamic analysis of structures,

through the creation, development and use of resources on modelling, physical characterization, advanced information-driven and virtual simulation of mass dynamics and surface contacts, structural impact, fatigue and vibrational response, and systems actuation, control and monitoring.

A major thrust in our research efforts is being directed to the base competences of the Group and application to the complementary fields of,

1. mechanical systems (with a special focus on biomechanics):

1.1 development in replacement and reconstitution prosthetics and implants;

1.2 safe control and automation systems monitoring;

2. human safety:

2.1 design and development on crashworthiness structures;

2.2 analysis of biomodels trauma under extreme solicitations.




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